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  • Currently Project - Red crescent specialized hospital
  • Currently Project - Red crescent specialized hospital
  • Currently Project - Red crescent specialized hospital

Hardliner CD From Promedica

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Hardliner CD

Direct chairside hard relining material in a safety cartridge system
Hardliner CD is a cold-curing hard relining material in a cartridge system for chairside relining in one single session.
The material is suitable for direct and indirect restorations for partial and total dentures as well as for lengthening, correction and repair of dentures.
The safety cartridge system provides an easy, fast and economical application. It ensures a homogeneous and bubble-free mixing as well as a smooth surface.
Hardliner CD cures without any significant heat development. The material is highly biocompatible and free of MMA which minimises allergic risks.
INDICATIONS Hard and permanent relinings
Correction of new dentures
Total or partial relinings
Extension of denture margins
Repair and enlargement
Direct chairside and indirect labside relinings
Ambulant relining
ADVANTAGES Easy and time-saving application
Complete relinings during 1 appointment only
No heat development during setting phase
High and durable adhesion to denture
Precisde fit without necessity of impressions
Excellent colour stability
Pink translucency
Odourless and tasteless
Home care treatment is possible
Art. No. 2735:
SET:80 g cartridge, 10 ml adhesive, 10 mixing tips
Art. No. 2738:          pink mixing tips, 50 pieces

Softliner From Promedica

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Soft denture relining material
Softliner is a cold-curing soft denture relining material on A-silicone basis in a 1:1 safety cartridge system for long-term relinings.
The realisation of a complete chairside relining takes only one session.
Softliner is biocompatible, odourless and tasteless.
The material convinces by excellent physical properties such as a high permanent elasticity, resistance to abrasion and tensile strength as well as a good dimensional stability.
INDICATIONS Permanently soft relining for total and partial dentures
To relieve pressure from pressure spots
To dam the palatal vibrating line
In cases of flabby ridges and insufficient adhesion
To cushion sharp-edged alveolar processes
To support the healing process in implantology
Soft relining chairside in only 1 appointment
Special adhesive for extremely high adhesion between denture and relining material
Special glazing to seal and to smooth treated surfaces
Smooth, hydrophobic surface inhibits germ and Candida development
Remains permanently soft due to the A-silicone basis
High translucency: natural shade adaptation
Superior colour stability and excellent aesthetics
Easy to clean
Odourless and tasteless
Art. No. 2580:
SET: 50 ml cartridge, 10 ml adhesive, Glazing base/catalyst 10 ml each, mixing tips, accessories
Art. No. 2738:          pink mixing tips, 50 pieces

Medicem / Medicem aqua

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Medicem / Medicem aqua

Glass ionomer cement for luting
Medicem is a microfine luting cement with a maximum film thickness of 15-25 µm which is essential for the luting of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and orthodontic bands.
Distinguished by an excellent adhesion
to the tooth substance, Medicem  offers a low solubility within the mouth, high compressive strength and high fluoride release:

      In addition the material is
      characterised by a comparatively
      high pH-value which
      results in low acidity.
Medicem is also available in the anhydrous version Medicem aqua.
INDICATIONS For the attachment of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, pins, posts and orthodontic bands
Adequate working time also for difficult attachments
No temperature rise during setting
Low acidity
Highly biocompatible
Excellent adhesion to dentine and enamel
High compressive strength and low solubility
High fluoride release
Art. No. 2438:                   35 g powder, 15 ml liquid
Art. No. 2451:
Medicem Mini-Set:          15 g powder, 7 ml liquid
Art. No. 2447:
Medicem aqua:                35 g powder with dropper bottle



Composan bio-esthetic Promedica

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Composan bio-esthetic is an innovative composite material based on three-dimensionally linked inorganic glass-like components and organic co-polymers. Special NANO and CERAMIC filler particles are incorporated in this cross-linked network matrix. The materials chemical build-up ensures a extraordinarily high biocompatibility