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  • Currently Project - Red crescent specialized hospital
  • Currently Project - Red crescent specialized hospital
  • Currently Project - Red crescent specialized hospital
Geosoft Dent is a leading company in the Russian Endo technology field, and a major manufacturer of Endo Motors, Devices for Warm Obturation of Root Canals, Electronic Apex Locators and other (Ultrasonic Baths, Dental photoactivators, Dry Sterilizers).
Geosoft Dent started up its activities in development, design and marketing of workplace solutions for dentists mainly who perform Endo procedures.

Determining the canal length (Apex Location), Cleaning the root canals (Preparation), Filling the root canals (Obturation) are the most important stages of treatment of tooth.
At this point, Geosoft Dent directed its dynamic energies to the development of an innovative endo motors, apex locator, devices for Warm Obturation of Root Canals based on the cutting edge of modern. An emphasis was placed on the design and the user friendly interface, miniaturization, and technology that when synergized create an devices which every dentist can work with and rely upon absolutely.

Founded in Korea in 2000, Dentium has grown to become the trusted manufacturer of high quality dental implant products and provider of related services of dental professionals in the United States and world wide .
In 1967, Stern Weber produced the first dental unit with instruments at the end of an articulated, balanced arm.Since then, Stern Weber has always provided equipment with innovative solutions, designed to take into account each dentist’s specific needs.Today, Stern Weber continues to provide cutting-edge innovation and, in addition to dental units, offers an extensive range of instruments and accessories – built at its own production facilities – that include integrated imaging and digital X-ray systems.
Founded in 1940 by William Gehrig, Produits Dentaires SA has advanced through the decades, thanks to reputed know-how, outstanding quality and innovative mindset. Today, the company is still family-owned and the third generation daily strives to implement actions answering the challenges of the international dental industry. Produits Dentaires SA offers to dentists a wide range of high quality products used in endodontics, restoratives, prophylaxis, prosthetics and periodontology. Present in more than 100 countries on the 5 continents, Produits Dentaires SA has created, over the years, an extensive distribution network of agents, wholesale dealers and dental depots. Thanks to our partners, «PD» brand products have gradually gained international repute, synonymous with Swiss Quality at its best.
Swedish Dental Supplies is a manufacturing family business, providing dental products of own design and production to distributors and importers world wide since 1966. High quality and competitiveness are as essential to our business as is prompt attention to inquiries and orders.
Determination, a clear vision and the goal of optimizing existing processes to the advantage of partners and customers alike – these are the bases of our approach to researching and developing innovations. To achieve this purpose, we observe the market, question processes and examine their efficiency. On the basis of teamwork, procedures and systems are investigated, proposals made and criticism gathered. We are supported in these efforts by competent technicians as well as an internal and external research staff whose know-how is applied in the best possible way. This also includes the IFAM (Institute for Applied Material Research in Bremen), with whose researchers we jointly developed the BEGO MEDIFACTURING® CAD/CAM system, for example. An innovative technology for producing high-quality frames for prosthodontics efficiently and quickly.
NOUVAG plays a leading role especially in the field of drug nebulisation. This is a form of drug administration which is extremely well tolerated by patients. Every year, around 20,000 new appliances and instruments are used by customers in over 190 countries around the globe. Thanks to intensive research and a high innovative potential, our small Swiss company has succeeded in occupying a leading market position in the specialised market niche of medical technology and body care. Due to ever shorter innovation cycles as well as increasingly demanding legal requirements worldwide, additional specialists are needed to enable us to maintain our leading position in the global markets in future as well.
Once established as a leading pharmaceutical and dental products in the Brazilian market, NOVA DFL began in 1999 its internationalization process. Exports first started in the Latin American market. Today, our products are presented in dental offices in 60 countries in five continents. NOVA DFL has important quality certificates such CE (Certification in the European Community), ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, and the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which enable the company to record and market their products all over the world. We are proud to represent the Brazilian dentistry globally, through the products of NOVA DFL.
kmids1343Tekmil was founded by Mr. Andon Babucyan in yea 1943 . The Company manufactured products in a wide range for manufacturing industry wich was newly emerging in those years in fields such as machinery components, spare parts, etc. Beginning from year 1966, Tekmil started the production of dental chairs. Tekmil is one of the first Dental Chair manufactures of Turkey. Then the complete unit prodution was started.
The production evolution and marketing philosophy of Medesy have well-defined directions: Fulfil customer expectations by complying with the purpose and suitability for use of its products. The culture of quality at Medesy has been formed thanks to scrupulous “documentation” accumulated during the most important congresses and from constant contacts with researchers and specialists in dental surgery. This wealth of knowledge and the working pride of craftsmen in improving the product has allowed the best dental and surgical instruments to be selected, which comply in all respects to the requirements of the most modern dental care centres All operations are aimed at optimum customer satisfaction. Medesy has adopted modern means of marketing and communications via which it intends cultivating, with its customers, an increasingly close partnership, improving both the image of the product and its communication in respect of customers and end users, with its trademark also present at the most important international congresses.
tgDent is a subsidiary of Technical & General Ltd., London, England. We make the high quality tg brand range of Dental Materials. Our portfolio covers a wide range of applications:- Endodontics; Composites; Amalgams; Filling Materials; Cements & Liners, Disposable Dental Needles, Preventives, Temporary, Cross Infection Control, Impression Materials & other miscellaneous dental healthcare products. Our worldwide distribution network of subsidiaries and sales partners along with our wide range of products, guarantee an efficient and professional service for all our clients. The quality of our products and customer service is of the utmost importance to us. As a result, we continually strive to meet the highest possible standards. The high standards that we set for ourselves and our products, are not only limited to our organisation but extend to meet other requirements that our clients may have.
836569_alFoshan Anle Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd established in 1998, is located in the production base of national medical equipment- Foshan Sanshui Industrial Zone. The company is the design, production, sales of Class Ⅱdental equipment manufacturing enterprises, a total area of 20,000 m2 , 70 employs,the main products — dental unit has CE certification by TUV, Germany.
PROMEDICA is a worldwide operating manufacturer of high-quality dental material. Our innovative products cater to the demands and needs of practitioners and patients alike. Specialist dental suppliers, dentists and patients from all over the world have trusted PROMEDICA since 1983. Today PROMEDICA exports to more than 70 countries worldwide and is awarded with the certification of the international standards ISO 13485: 2003 + AC: 2009 guaranteeing production and quality control on the highest level.
Name : ASAHI ROENTGEN IND. CO., LTD. Established May 29, 1956 President : Toru Nakamura Head office : Factory 376-3 Tsukiyama-cho Kuze Minami-ku Kyoto-shi 601-8203 Japan TEL : 81-75-921-4371 FAX : 81-75-921-3910 Kyoto Office :  376-3 Tsukiyama-cho Kuze Minami-ku Kyoto-shi 601-8203 Japan TEL : 81-75-921-4330 FAX : 81-75-921-6675 Branch Office : Tokyo / Hokkaido / Tohoku / Nagoya / shikoku / Hiroshima / Kyusyu (In Japan)
Richard Wolf GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality products for endoscopic diagnostic and therapy in human medicine. Our company based in Knittlingen also provides individual solutions in the fields of ESWL and ESWT as well as solutions for industrial applications. As a full-range supplier in endoscopy we have a workforce of 1400 highly qualified employees.
ERYIGIT Medical Devices Inc. has been founded in 1991 and is well-known company as being one of the pioneer medical device manufacturers in Turkey. Today, with a wide range of products and advanced manufacturing technology, ERYIGIT Inc. has gained a leading position in the medical device manufacturing in its new manufacturing facility established on a 10,000 sq meter area in Ankara. To reach the best quality in production, international standards of ISO 13485 in quality management system has been adopted recently and manufacturing is made in accordance with 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directives, 97/23/EEC, Pressurized Equipments Directives, EN:285 Sterilization. Now, ERYIGIT Medical Devices Inc proudly manufactures not only for Turkey but also for 15 countries worldwide and with a 25% sales of its production to foreign markets.
Entermed is a member of the Dutch Trade Association for medical technology, part of FHI, Federation of technology branches under membership number 1385. FHI is the collective of technology companies in the Dutch market as providers of industrial electronics, industrial automation, laboratory technology and medical technology.
EDAN Instruments, INC. is a professional High-Tech company combining R&D, manufacture, and distribution of advanced electronic medical equipments. The company has five product categories, namely Obstetric & Gynecology Products, Patient Monitoring Products, Diagnostic Electrocardiographs, Ultrasonic Imaging Systems and In-vitro Diagnostic Products. EDAN, owning over 80 types of products, has become a leading medical equipment supplier which maintains sustainable growth worldwide.
Landwind Medical was established in 1994 in the Guangzhou, China. In 1997, our R&D core technology contributed a first SFDA registered products. Landwind became a major Research and Manufacturing medical solution provider from China. Landwind Medical commenced production of its own black and white ultrasound equipment on an Original Design Manufacture (“ODM”) basis for a leading Japanese company in 2004. Our successful entry into the highly competitive market including Japan provided great impetus to our design and manufacturing operations, which have grown from strength to strength.
imagesXWhen the corporate history of IKA began in 1910, China had not yet become a People’s Republic and the word “globalization” had not been invented yet. Today, the IKA group has over 800 employees at eight locations on four continents and is proud to serve customers such as BASF, Bayer or Procter&Gamble. We are the leader in the world market in most of the product groups and a leading example for development and growth. Or as our new slogan expresses it: „IKA-Designed to work perfectly“.
bailida-85726411Machan International Co., Ltd., approved by ISO9001:2000, is the parent company of BAILIDA and a manufacture of professional tool storage units with a well earned international reputation for quality and service. For over 35 years when we have been providing uniquely designed and high quality tool storage products to customers internationally. We are located in Taiwan, and were found in 1976.
Carnegie Surgical brings you the best of instrumentation for most of your surgery and anesthesia needs. For years, we have made sure that we offer you the highest quality instruments at reasonable prices. We believe in continuous improvement in product quality and customer service. Our capabilities are not restricted to product range presented in this website. We offer custom manufacturing and OEM/private label solutions for a wide range surgical instruments. Please feel free to talk to us about your specific needs.

In 1988, PMS GmbH was established with an aim to specialise in the manufacturing, promotion and sales of medical instruments and related equipment for hospitals, clinics and research institutes. The company’s objective was and remains to manufacture and market the finest and most delicate surgical instruments – of affordable quality and excellence – for Ophthalmology, ENT, Plastic & Reconstructive, Micro and Neuro Surgery.

HUAIAN FRIMEN CO., LTD. is a manufacturer dedicated in developing, producing and promoting ophthalmic instruments. All our products are in compliance with the international quality criteria .

Sidapharm Greece was founded in 2001 and is a CE Certified Manufacturer of Ophthalmic and Medical Disposables based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Sidapharm Greece manufactures a very wide range of high quality products, which include but are not limited to Intraocular Lenses (IOL), Custom Packs, Ophthalmic and Surgical Drapes, Balanced Salt Solution (BSS), Disposable Knives, Cannulas and Eye Spears.

AJL OPHTHALMIC S.A. is a Spanish leader company in vision care that develops and manufactures innovative quality products to address world’s eye care challenges and support ophthalmic professionals to enhance patient’s quality of vision. AJL OPHTHALMIC S.A. is an innovation-oriented company specialized in ophthalmology founded in July 1992. It is focused on the development of a full range of intraocular implants and other ophthalmic products for intraocular surgery. As a global leader in vision care, AJL OPHTHALMIC offers a complete range of products intended for eye care professionals to handle vision disorders and, therefore, improve the patient’s quality of life.

We are Manufacturers of Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments and Disposables following the continuous equation of Research and Development in the Ophthalmic Industry. We are an ISO 9001 : 2000 Company with certification of CE and ISO 13485 .

Eagle Optics was established in the early ninety’s with a vision to provide the finest quality, Foldable Intraocular Lens, PMMA Intraocular Lens and other ophthalmic products to the global ophthalmic market. Promoted and managed by a highly efficient group of professionals, today it stands out as a leading company on the international scenario. Currently Eagle Optics manufactures and distributes CE certified Foldable Hydrophilic Acrylic Intraocular Lenses, PMMA Intraocular Lenses and Capsular Tension Ring.

Dahlgren is an ISO 13485 certified, bulk supplier of medical and surgical equipments our most of the products include surgical blades, ophthalmic blades, podiatry blades, ophthalmic cannula and other disposable medical & surgical instruments are CE certified. Our entire gamut of products also include best quality intra ocular lenses,podiatry blades. All these products are known for their qualitative features like high precision and ease of use.

CONTACARE” is manufacturer and marketer for Contact Lenses, Lens Care Products, Spectacle Lenses & other Ophthalmic Products. CONTACARE manufacture and market different Vision Care products for Vision Care of patients.
All these products are having precision and provide day to day comfort for all users. Established in 1987, with a Mission to provide World Class Vision Care Products. Our talented and highly focused team of professionals including medical researchers, engineers, sales personnel and allied staff has always been the driving force behind our mission.

Mediphacos has achieved a leading position in the market by investing heavily in research, development and innovation, by constantly updating its technology and constantly remaining focused on the needs of ophthalmologists. At our modern production plant we exclusively use the best materials and technologies available in the world to create innovative and high quality products safely and efficiently.

Established in the year1978 by three Technocrats, ISCON Group of Industries are the potential market leaders and globally trusted house in the field of wide range of Disposable & Reusable Medical Devices used for Anasthesia, Angiography, Urology, Oncology, Vetrinary, Ophthalmic and other surgical applications.

Founded in 2001 in Nuremberg/Germany, our company specializes in development, manufacturing and distribution of medical devices. Plusoptix devices detect vision disorders in children to fight Amblyopia (i.e. lazy eyes), provide full refraction information during eye exams and help in researching the functioning of the eye.

As the world’s leading brand of ophthalmic instruments, Topcon has developed products for a wide range of applications, from diagnostic and treatment instruments to ophthalmic data systems and electronic ophthalmic medical record systems. Recently Topcon has been placing focus on the development of system solutions, advanced ophthalmic medical instruments, diabetic screening tools, and other preventive medical devices.

Keeler has been manufacturing ophthalmic instruments since 1917. We continue to lead the market with our innovative instruments. This has been achieved through our continuous program of customer involvement in the design process to ensure our instruments meet the rigorous demands of daily practice.

Avedro is a privately held medical device and pharmaceutical company advancing the science and technology of corneal cross-linking. Today, more than 100,000 eyes around the world have been treated with Avedro’s KXL® System for Accelerated Cross-Linking.
Over the past two years, Avedro’s Lasik Xtra® procedure and KXL System have positively impacted hundreds of practices worldwide. With the upcoming introduction of the KXL II™ System and the Photorefractive Intrastromal Cross-Linking (PiXL™) procedure, Avedro will offer ophthalmologists an entirely new, non-invasive way for performing refractive correction.

Beijing Outsmarting Dacone Instrument Co.,Ltd ,formerly Beijing Dakang instrument Co.,ltd established in 2002, is a subsidiary of Outsmarting SIGM Group , which is a leading manufacturer specialized in the low vision and ophthalmology industry.
Headquartered in Beijing Economic & Technological Development Park, Dacone integrates R&D, production division, as well as sales and servicing departments for ophthalmology and low vision products like ophthalmic instruments and several kinds of low vision video magnifiers. Our brand “VISUM” has been widely recognized by customers in world market and we have set up wide sales network in Europe, North America and Asian countries, gained good reputation. Long term business relationship with well-known enterprises like TOPCON, ESSILOR ect have bear witness to our top-touch quality and reliable products.

Alchimia srl, based in Padova, Italy was established in 1993 by a team of scientists, experts in Chemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology.
Since then Alchimia srl is dedicating all research efforts to develop state-of-the-art medical devices. Currently, we carry three product lines: Eye Banking, Ophthalmic Surgery and Tissue Banking.
Eye Banking products were developed in close collaboration with the most reputable Italian and International Eye Banks. Our complete line of products includes solutions and accessories to perform successfully all steps from globe or corneal procurement to shipment of donor tissues suitable for transplantation.

Spiggle and Theis have been synonymous with pioneering ENT technologies for the past 15 years with over 3,500 innovative products offering the world’s first causative treatment for chronic tube malfunctions in addition to a full range of sinus, otological and nasal instruments, micro drill/shaver systems and the first ever trimmable titanium ear implant. Spiggle and Thesis have received accolades from the German Society of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck surgery.

We Chammed Co., Ltd. as newly create E.N.T equipment specialty manufacturing company manufacture and supply one step higher medical treatment equipment by engineers and business person in charges who have experience long time in related field that is our target.

Richard Wolf GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality products for endoscopic diagnostic and therapy in human medicine. Our company based in Knittlingen also provides individual solutions in the fields of ESWL and ESWT as well as solutions for industrial applications. As a full-range supplier in endoscopy we have a workforce of 1400 highly qualified employees.

Entermed is a member of the Dutch Trade Association for medical technology, part of FHI, Federation of technology branches under membership number 1385. FHI is the collective of technology companies in the Dutch market as providers of industrial electronics, industrial automation, laboratory technology and medical technology.

Gelatin sponge nasal sponge bone wax. Gelatin sponge – MEDISPON – Absorbable haemostatic NASAL SPONGE – Effective post-operative nasal dressing Bonewax – three component bone wax. Medical devices – Gelatin sponge Bone wax Nasal sponge, production and distribution of advanced haemostats, mddpl.com.